I've always loved buying and selling second hand clothes - first selling vintage clothes online in 2005 - and I've been selling pre-owned clothing ever since.

In the early days, my main motivation for buying secondhand was the thrill of the find; nabbing something unique, or grabbing a bargain at a fraction of the cost new. In more recent times, however, since we've all become more aware of the catastrophic impact that fast fashion is having on our planet and the appalling treatment of those who make it, it's become abundantly clear that we can't carry on on this trajectory. What we desperately need is a shift in mindset, from the instant gratification of coveting this week's 'must have' to consciously buying clothes that we intend to look after, keep for a while and pass on. This was the 'why' behind Love Secondhand. To do our little bit to keep more clothes in the loop and out of landfill. 

There's something truly liberating about saying no to new fast fashion, too. You develop your own sense of style, you buy what you actually need and like and you're your own influencer. (You save a pretty penny too!)

Hope you enjoy having a virtual rummage and thanks for stopping by x